10 Tips For Incredible Stock Advice

By on May 21, 2015
stock advice

10 Tips For Incredible Stock Advice

stock advice

Stock Advice: KISS

Keep it simple, stupid. Often times when taking on something new we believe we have to do all of these complex things. But, in reality keeping it simple allows you to focus on one thing and eventually do it very well.

Stock Advice: Be Realistic

Set your expectations. 9/10 you won’t become a multimillionaire in two months (unless you’re playing with that kind of money). Even the best traders only bring in returns in the 10%-12% range. Set your goals and work towards hitting milestones to achieve them.

Stock Advice: Don’t Be Pressured By Said Experts

You’ll see tons of said “experts” appear on shows talking about stocks and the market. Let’s be honest, if everyone that took these experts free advice we’d all be rich! It pays to go against the crowd.

Stock Advice: Buy Low, Sell High

Just like real estate, when stocks are low you want to buy buy buy and when the price rises you want to sell high.

Stock Advice: Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes after double checking the data, seeing the trends and watching the market it simply comes down to your gut. Don’t hesitate, pull the trigger, it may not always work in your favor but with stocks, you’re either in or out.