China Unveils First Facial Recognition ATM Machine

By on June 9, 2015
Facial Recognition

China Unveils First Facial Recognition ATM Machine

 Facial Recognition

Watch out world, China just unveiled the first facial recognition ATM machine.


A camera is installed in the ATM machine and scans a user’s facial features upon approaching the ATM.


After scanning a user’s face, the facial recognition algorithm searches through a database of identification photos. If the face matches their ID then the ATM will allow the user to withdraw cash.


China’s Xinhua news agency reports, that this amazing facial recognition ATM was created by Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based technology company Tzekwan.


Tzekwan chairman Gu Zikun, an expert in anti-counterfeit technology, revealed that the machines will soon be available for the masses – although no exact date has been announced.


While this technology sounds great, it is unclear how the company: will collect the facial data, who will manufacture the machines, if facial reconstruction surgery is accounted for and if banks are even interested in replacing their current machines with this new ATM.


Gu is adamant that this technology will catch on as it will greatly crack down on the number of financial crimes. The ATM also records the serial number of every banknote deposited into the account, making it easier to track fraud, fake money, stolen money and other activity.


The company is reporting that the machine is 20% more accurate at identifying and verifying the authenticity of various currencies compared to the standard ATM used globally.


We have seen more and more technology companies such as Apple and Google shifting away from use of a password or pin; instead moving towards facial and fingerprint technology for additional safety for its users.