Five of the Best Indiegogo Campaigns

By on March 16, 2015



When it was recently announced that one of my all time favorite sci-fi shows, Firefly, would be creating an Indigogo campaign to bring the show back, I got excited. Then I started thinking. How many other great events have come about because of the ability to crowd-fund in places like Indiegogo? It didn’t take long to find out that some pretty incredible things have happened because of this site. Just to give you an idea, here are the five biggest campaigns that have ever run on Indiegogo.

An Hour of Code

This is the biggest campaign ever with a final tally of over $5million raised. It was a brilliant idea, to campaign to raise money so that 100 million students can each have one hour of computer science learning. This simple concept caught on and was soon seeing support from such giants in the computer science world as Mark Zuckerman, Priscilla Chan, John and Ann Doerr and Rich Barton, who donated over a million to the campaign. Even better, the organizers have decided to keep the campaign going. This will enable them to continue to raise money, teach kids and get that hour of code design in the hands of more students.

Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations

Stone Brewing is one of those cool craft breweries that had an idea. It wanted to collaborate with other breweries to create some really interesting new brews together. The result of the campaign, which was able to raise just over $2.5million, was some really amazing craft brews such as Pumpkin Artisan Ale. Since their goal was to raise just one million, you could say that the brewsky fans came out in droves.

Rooster Teeth Lazer Team

Like many successful creative crowd funding projects, this one is for a sci-fi movie to cover their costs for production and location. They were looking for $650,000 to cover these and other costs such as costumes, post-production effects and giving some pay to cast and crew. But they must have some fans because their plans exceeded their reach to the tune of $2.48million. I would bet that having produced the longest running web series, Red vs Blue is probably part of the reason for the massive support. Film teaser was released February 2015.

Skully Smart Motorcycle Helmet

This was a campaign where the old fashion needs for safety on the road met with today’s technology to raise the roof at Indiegogo. They needed $250,000 to complete production on a motorcycle helmet that not only has a heads-up display and rear-view mirror built right in, but also GPS. Instead they saw $2.46million come in that would get their production off to a bang of a beginning. With tech specs displayed and the entire rider nation in breathless anticipation, the first helmets are scheduled to roll out in May, just in time for late spring riding.

JIBO Family Robot

You may have seen this little guy in the news when this campaign began last July. The family robot can recognize faces, see and hear as well as learn as it continues to speak and interact with the family. One aspect that brought so much attention was that for every $400 raised at the $20 level they announced they would donate a JIBO to Boston Children’s Hospital for kids with special needs. They ended up raising enough to donate 71 JIBOs to the hospital to be a hi-tech companion to these kids in need. JIBO was the most successful technology campaign of its time.

Thousands More at Indiegogo

These only touch the surface of the amazing campaigns that are happening every day at crowd sourcing sites such as Indiegogo. This is something that could only happen with the reach of the internet, and proves that we have just begun to realize what it can do to improve our lives.