Is The End Near For GoPro?

By on April 3, 2015


In theory no, but investors are selling their GoPro stock like crazy. As of this past Wednesday, the stock had fell nearly 7% to around $40.80 a share and bounced back at closing day on Thursday to $41.96.

The decline of GoPro’s shares comes on the heels of an announcement by the Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi. After knocking off Samsung as the top smartphone vendor in China, Xiaomi has launched a wearable camera for half the price of GoPro’s entry level camera.

On top of that Apple’s camera patent which shares similarities to products GoPro offers has investors shaking in their boots. All of these factors as well as the fact that GoPro has lost its COO are what analysts are saying are dropping the price of shares for GoPro.

The wearable video company has not yet commented on the state of their stocks but shares are steadily dropping; down 31% year-to-date.


I don’t believe that the company is in much danger, especially if rumors of their pending move into the drone arena. Many companies already allow you to connect a GoPro to a drone, so It just makes sense the drones featuring GoPro cameras!