Mario Givens Files Abuse Complaint Against Slager

By on April 13, 2015
mario givens

Mario Givens Files Abuse Complaint Against Officer Slager 

 mario givens

En lieu of Officer Michael Slager’s recent charge for the murder of Walter Scott, Mario Givens speaks out about a past abuse case against the North Charleston Officer.


The Facts

In 2013, Mario Givens was tasered in his home as a result of mistaken identity. Officer Slager knocked on Givens’ door in the middle night to look for a breaking-and-entering suspect. After refusing Slager entry to his home, Slager tasered Givens reporting that he could not see his hands and feared that he might have a weapon, NBC News Reports.


The Controversy

Officer Slager initially approached Givens’ home in search of a 5’ 5” suspect; Givens is 6’ 3”. Furthermore, the woman who filed the complaint identified that Givens was not the suspect at the scene of the incident. Officer Slager proceeded to apprehend Givens anyway.


Givens’ Complaint Ignored

Givens was released of all charges, however, his complaint against Slager went unnoticed. In fact, Givens was not even interviewed about the formal complaint filed against the officer for the incident. Now, Givens looks to revisit the trial in light of recent news.


Givens comments, “What came to my mind is if they had tried to listen to me that man might have been alive, because he wouldn’t have been an officer in the field.” Which raises the question of whether police complaints are receiving adequate attention.