Tips For Saving On Health Insurance

By on May 30, 2015
health insurance

Tips For Saving On Health Insurance

health insurance

Having health insurance can be the difference between paying huge fees on your next doctor visit vs paying a small copay. Here’s a few tips on how you can start saving on health insurance.


Join the Farm Bureau

Yes, this is a real thing and the great part is you don’t have to be a farmer to become a member!


By becoming a member of the Farm Bureau you are eligible for all types of benefits, discounts and in many states, group insurance.


Ask About Cash Discounts

This may come as a surprise but doctor and dentist officers may give you a discount if you pay with cash! That’s right the next time you go to visit either your doctor or dentist ask the attendant if they provide cash discounts.


Shop Around

The only way to know who has the best offerings is to shop around and make price comparisons. Both and eHealth Insurance are great sites to use to find the right deal for you.



Whether you disagree or agree with “Obamacare” for many it is a good option to get health care. Visit to see what plans you are eligible for. Thanks Obama.