Tips For Those Who Plan To Work Past Retirement

By on May 6, 2015

Tips For Those Who Plan To Work Past Retirement

More and more Americans are deciding that 65 is just too young to call it quits from the work force. According to CNBC, 18.5% of Americans work past 65, an 8% increase since 1985.


Some speculate that the recent change in retirement rates can be attributed to the increased use of 401(k) plans which pay out their highest dividends in the later years of life. Combine that with the cushy desk job and better healthcare, people find getting to work a welcomed distraction from the boredoms of retirement life. So how do you do it? How do you work past retirement age? Here’s our list of tips!

Evaluate Your Financial Situation

Knowing your current financial standing and your projected growth will help you determine what jobs will suit your post-retirement work life.

Learn Your Financial Restrictions

If you plan to collect social security and keep working a side job, you need to educate yourself on the financial restrictions for those collecting social security benefits. Here’s the link:

Plan Your Career For The Long-Run

If you want to stay relevant in the work force you need to update your resume and keep learning. Take an extra certification course or plan a new project to prove your value.

Highlight Experience, Not Longevity

While 50 years in the industry is a really long time, it can be a distraction for hiring companies. Instead, focus on your experience. Not only will it create a well rounded resume, but it will also highlight your value!