McKinney Pool Party Incident Sparks Protests from Concerned Residents

By on June 15, 2015

McKinney Pool Party Incident Sparks Protests from Concerned Residents



As you may have seen, video of a McKinney police officer throwing down a 15-year-old girl and drawing his gun on other teens at a pool party has people across America up in arms.


Protest rallies took place in McKinney on Monday night, including some protestors who are calling for the officer, Cpl. Eric Casebolt’s, job.


Hundreds of protesters, many of whom are not from McKinney, peacefully rallied at an elementary school near the pool where the incident occurred.


Many protestors held signs and chanted phrases that have been heard before after incidents that have taken place in Ferguson, New York and Baltimore.


Ironically, a few hundred yards away, counter-protesters stood on the corner, waving flags and holding signs that said, “Back the Blue.”


“I have teenagers myself and that could’ve been my child, so I’m here to represent and to let the neighborhood know we care about other people’s children, not just the white, but this could have been anybody,” said McKinney resident Katie Mervil.


Over 150 people rallied in a separate protest at the McKinney Police Department. 


The message that protestors were trying to get across behind was to tackle issues like racism head on.


Some protestors there held signs demanding accountability from McKinney police. They want people to keep reporting and recording what they see around them.


Some residents who live in the neighborhood where the pool party was claim they’ve been harassed and threatened on social media.


“It’s sad because we’re a multicultural group of people and it is an amazing community and I don’t understand how it’s gotten twisted into the way it is,” said a woman named Annemarie.


Annemarie’s husband witnessed the fight that led to the viral video.


He claims it started as an altercation in the Craig Ranch community pool and spilled into the streets.


Now some area residents say that they’re being threatened.


“I’m saddened because now our family is being called things that we’re not,” said Annemarie.