Wal-Mart Closing of 5 Stores Suddenly

By on April 21, 2015
wal-mart closing

Wal-Mart Closing of 5 Stores Suddenly

Wal-mart closing

Wal-Mart quickly closed 5 stores in 4 states on Monday for an alleged plumbing problem.

The store closures could last up to six months and negatively affect 2,200 workers in Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Florida, reported CNN over the weekend.


Employees are complaining that they were completely blindsided by the news, having been notified only a few hours before the stores closed at 7 p.m. Monday.


“Everybody just panicked and started crying,” Venanzi Luna, a manager at a store in Pico Rivera, California, told CNN Money.


The Wal-mart closing has affected the employees in a major way.  All workers will receive paychecks for the next 2 months. After that, full-time workers could become eligible for severance pay, but part-timers will be on their own.


Local officials have questioned Wal-Mart’s reasoning for sudden closings.


According to a report from ABC News, “no plumbing permits have been pulled in any of the five cities where the stores were suddenly closed for at least six months.” The cities where locations were affected are Brandon, Florida; Pico Rivera, California; Livingston, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.


A city official in Pico Rivera confirmed to a Los Angeles news affiliate that the city has not received any permit requests for repairs.


Wal-Mart plumbing technician Codi Bauer, who worked at the now closed store in Brandon, Florida, questioned the company’s time frame for the repairs.


“Even if they had to replace the whole sewer line, it wouldn’t take six months to replace a whole sewer line in that store,” he told reporters.


We reached out to Wal-Mart for comment and will update when we hear back.

A Wal-Mart spokesman answered that the company had not secured permits “because we have yet to know the full extent of the work that needs to be done. We may also have to do additional upgrades that may require additional permits”, when asked about the matter.


Some employees believe that the Wal-mart closing happened because of worker protests for higher wages and better work conditions.


Employees of the Pico Rivera store were among the first to hold Black Friday protests back in 2012.

“This is the first store that went on strike,” an employee told CBS Los Angeles. “This is the first store in demanding changes for Walmart.”



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